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Secure Care Practitioners’ Forum

Scotland’s first Secure Care Practitioners’ Forum is hosted by CYCJ. This is a safe space for secure care practitioners to come together and share experiences (good, bad and interesting), practice issues and receive/give specialist input.

The direction and vision of the Forum will be shaped by those who attend, with ideas very welcome.

Next meeting dates are as follows (online until further notice). If you’d like to attend, please contact

Thursday, March 30 (2pm-3pm)

Wednesday, May 31 (2pm-3pm)

Monday, July 31 (2pm-3pm)

Thursday, September 28 (2pm-3pm)

Thursday, November 30 (2pm-3pm)

CELCIS Education Forum

The CELCIS Education Forum  is a free, open-access network of practitioners and leaders who are involved or interested in the education of children with experience of care, and their families. It encourages and facilitates opportunities for practitioners to come together in a reflective, challenging and enabling space.

Membership is free and open to anyone with an interest in this area of education. We have members who are students, foster carers, health visitors, teachers and academics – so many different roles are represented. Email to find out more.

The latest Forum was held online (March 30) on the theme of using Scotland’s Secure Care Pathway and Standards to improve educational outcomes for children and young people. Watch here.

Secure Care Champions Group

In the Secure Care Standards Champions Group members share their journeys, learning and challenges in implementing the Standards. Together they create, innovate and support best practice and progress in meeting the Standards. The group is open to all agencies with roles and responsibilities in implementing the Standards.

Secure Care Champs Meetings in 2023 take place on MS Teams from 13:00 – 14:00 on









If you are interested in attending / joining please email

Secure Care Pathway and Standards – What, Why and How We Can Help

The Secure Care Pathway and Standards Scotland were launched on October 5, 2020, to improve the experiences of children and young people who are in, or on the edges of, secure care, leading to better and brighter outcomes.

One year on, the Children and Young People’s Centre for Justice (CYCJ) and partners held an open event to showcase how the Standards are transforming the secure care journey in Scotland. Speakers from the Scottish Government, CYCJ and local authorities discussed why the Standards matter, the journey so far and experiences of implementation. STARR – Scotland’s only curated space for care experienced people of all ages – also presented, announcing that they are now online and on Twitter @STARR_Secure.