This section relates to children who are currently in secure care. Secure care centres are residential establishments for the purpose of restricting the liberty of children that provide accommodation, care and education for children during their stay. Children may have been placed in secure care through the implementation of orders or warrants via the Children’s Hearing System, police powers, or having been remanded or sentenced in court proceedings. Children may also have been placed in secure care from outwith Scotland.

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I am welcomed at the main entrance unless it is unsafe for me or others. This is based on my individual circumstances and needs.
When I arrive, the decoration and style of any entrance and reception area is welcoming and feels safe, comfortable and friendly.
I am supported by someone I know on the day of arrival and I feel welcomed and reassured by everyone involved.
I have everything I need when I arrive to keep me safe and healthy and so do the people looking after me.
I am only ever searched when this is justifiable and necessary to keep me and others safe. It is based on my individual circumstances at that time. The level of search is proportionate and least intrusive as possible.
If I have to be searched, I am treated with respect, dignity and compassion at all times. I understand my rights, the reasons for a search and how it will happen. My views are taken into account and I am given choice on how this might happen.
I have access to the things I need to safely help me relax and rest in my personal space/bedroom and it is comfortably furnished and decorated.
I have on-going access to the legal advice, representation and high quality independent advocacy I need from as soon as possible after I arrive at the service.
I am fully involved and have influence in all discussions, including within 72 hours of me arriving, about what I need during my stay and who will help me and how.
I know that people care about me and meeting my needs because the way they relate to me shows this.
I am actively supported to be in touch with my family, friends and other people who are important to me unless this is not in my best interests. I have a say in how and when this happens.
My family, and people I care about, are encouraged and supported to stay connected with me and are treated with dignity, compassion and respect. There is a welcoming, friendly and comfortable environment for us to meet.
If my time with my family and others I care about is supported, supervised or restricted, this happens sensitively and I fully understand the reasons for this and these are recorded.
My rights to safely access digital technology are upheld and actively supported. This encourages connection with people who are important to me.
My physical, mental, emotional and wellbeing needs are understood by the people looking after me. I am involved in all decisions and plans to make sure I have the care and support I need, when I need it.
I am well supported to manage my feelings and so I am only ever restrained when this is absolutely necessary to prevent harm. I am treated with respect, dignity and compassion and I am held in the least restrictive way for the shortest time possible. I am well supported afterwards.
I get the care, comfort and individual support I need when I am distressed and so I am only ever isolated from other people when this is absolutely necessary to keep me or others safe. This is for the shortest time possible.
I fully understand the reasons for any decision to further restrict my rights and freedoms. These are proportionate and recorded.
My learning needs are understood and I am supported to have these needs met and to make the most of my abilities and talents.
I benefit from a wide range of high quality educational, vocational and community-based experiences and qualifications.
I am supported and encouraged to attain and achieve at the highest standard and this helps to develop my interests, skills, strengths and hopes for the future.
I am supported to contribute to and comment on all reports that are written about me in a way that works for me. The person writing the report consults with me and I have my say about all the recommendations and decisions that affect me.
I am confident that any decisions, reports and plans made and shared about me focus on my hopes, strengths, achievements and goals, as well as on my needs and risks.

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