This section relates to children who are on the edges of secure care and are experiencing extreme vulnerabilities, needs and risks in their lives.

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I am fully involved and influence the decisions and plans about my care and support in a way that works for me. These decisions involve the people who are important to me.

My needs are met by appropriate supports in the community which are right for me and the people who are important to me. These supports help keep me and others safe and prevent my liberty from being restricted.

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I am offered specialist support which helps me, and people looking after me, make sense of the difficulties I have experienced. I get the mental and physical health care I need, as and when I need it.

The professionals supporting me understand the impact of any trauma and difficulties I have experienced and they respond to my needs and behaviours sensitively.

I am involved and influence any discussions about potentially restricting my liberty and any decision to recommend secure care in a way that works for me.

I am fully prepared for, and understand, the possible outcomes of any meeting, Children’s Hearing or court proceedings.

I benefit because the people making decisions about me at any meeting, Children’s Hearing or court proceedings fully consider the law and all community based options.

I know and feel confident that at any meeting, Children’s Hearing or court proceedings my rights, needs, views and any risks of harm for me and others are fully considered.

I have access to the legal advice, representation and high quality independent advocacy I need before, during and after any decision making process about restricting my liberty.

I understand my rights, including any right to appeal the decision to restrict my liberty.

I fully understand the reasons for any decision to restrict my liberty. These reasons and my views are reflected sensitively in my Child’s Plan and any records or reports, in a way which helps me understand.

I know what my rights are and how these will be upheld during my stay in secure care. These rights are explained to me by someone I know and trust before my stay begins.

I know the details of where I will stay and I have access to information which explains daily life there. Every effort is made to enable me to visit before going to stay.

I fully understand what to expect of my transport and admission to secure care and I am treated with dignity, compassion, sensitivity and respect. Someone I know and trust comes with me.

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