This section relates to children who are preparing to leave, or who have recently left, secure care.

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I am fully involved and influence all decisions and plans about my future, in a way that works for me, from an early stage.
I understand my rights when planning for my future and I have access to the legal advice, representation and high quality independent advocacy I need.
My plans for moving on meet all my needs. They involve everyone who has responsibility to care for and support me.
I am fully prepared for making the transition from the service and this is taken at a pace which means I am completely ready.
I am confident that people I know well and have trust in will continue to be involved in supporting me after I leave the service.
I have as much choice as possible about the place I am moving to and am able to visit. I get to know the people there as they have been involved in planning with me for the move.
I have all the care and support I need to build the future I want, from everyone who has a role or responsibility, for as long as I need it.

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