Standard 38 / after

I am fully involved and influence all decisions and plans about my future, in a way that works for me, from an early stage.

Plans should be being made and discussed with young people so they know where they are going and when.

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Illustrative links to the Health and Social Care Standards

The Pathway and Standards complement, align with, provide further context, and give unique voice to the Health and Social Care Standards. Both sets of standards apply for all children in, or on the edges of, secure care, with this section providing illustrative links between this standard and the Health and Social Care Standards.
  • 1.6 I get the most out of life because the people and organisation who support and care for me have an enabling attitude and believe in my potential.
  • 1.7 I am supported to discuss significant changes in my life, including death or dying, and this is handled sensitively.
  • 1.9 I am recognised as an expert in my own experiences, needs and wishes.
  • 1.12 I am fully involved in assessing my emotional, psychological, social and physical needs at an early stage, regularly and when my needs change.
  • 1.16 As a child or young person needing permanent alternative care, I experience this without unnecessary delay.
  • 1.18 I have time and any necessary assistance to understand the planned care, support, therapy or intervention I will receive, including any costs, before deciding what is right for me.
  • 1.23 My needs, as agreed in my personal plan, are fully met, and my wishes and choices are respected.
  • 1.27 I am supported to achieve my potential in education and employment if this is right for me.
  • 1.28 I am supported to make informed lifestyle choices affecting my health and wellbeing, and I am helped to use relevant screening and healthcare services.
  • 2.2 I am empowered and enabled to be as independent and as in control of my life as I want and can be.
  • 2.8 I am supported to communicate in a way that is right for me, at my own pace, by people who are sensitive to me and my needs.
  • 2.13 If a decision is taken against my wishes, I am supported to understand why
  • 2.17 I am fully involved in developing and reviewing my personal plan, which is always available to me.
  • 2.20 If I need or want to move on and start using another service, I will be fully involved in this decision and properly supported throughout this change.
  • 3.13 I am treated as an individual by people who respect my needs, choices and wishes, and anyone making a decision about my future care and support knows me.
  • 4.5 If possible, I can visit services and meet the people who would provide my care and support before deciding if it is right for me.
  • 4.14 My care and support is provided in a planned and safe way, including if there is an emergency or unexpected event.

Illustrative links to How Good is Our School? quality indicators

The Pathway and Standards complement, the How Good is Our School? quality indicators, with this section providing illustrative links between this standard and the quality indicators.
  • 2.6 Transitions