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My needs are met by appropriate supports in the community which are right for me and the people who are important to me. These supports help keep me and others safe and prevent my liberty from being restricted.

CAMHS is good for me because they help to support me and listen to me even when I find it hard to speak about how I’m feeling.

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Illustrative links to the Health and Social Care Standards

The Pathway and Standards complement, align with, provide further context, and give unique voice to the Health and Social Care Standards. Both sets of standards apply for all children in, or on the edges of, secure care, with this section providing illustrative links between this standard and the Health and Social Care Standards.
  • 1.2 My human rights are protected and promoted and I experience no discrimination.
  • 1.19 My care and support meets my needs and is right for me.
  • 1.20 I am in the right place to experience the care and support I need and want.
  • 1.23 My needs, as agreed in my personal plan, are fully met, and my wishes and choices are respected.
  • 1.29 I am supported to be emotionally resilient, have a strong sense of my own identity and wellbeing, and address any experiences of trauma or neglect.
  • 2.16 If I am fostered, my foster family is supported to fully include me in family life.
  • 2.18 I am supported to manage my relationships with my family, friends or partner in a way that suits my wellbeing.
  • 2.25 I am helped to understand the impact and consequences of risky and unsafe behaviour and decisions.
  • 3.19 My care and support is consistent and stable because people work together well.
  • 3.20 I am protected from harm, neglect, abuse, bullying and exploitation by people who have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.
  • 3.21 I am protected from harm because people are alert and respond to signs of significant deterioration in my health and wellbeing, that I may be unhappy or may be at risk of harm.
  • 3.22 I am listened to and taken seriously if I have a concern about the protection and safety of myself or others, with appropriate assessments and referrals made.
  • 3.24 If I might harm myself or others, I know that people have a duty to protect me and others, which may involve contacting relevant agencies.
  • 3.25 I am helped to feel safe and secure in my local community.
  • 4.1 My human rights are central to the organisations that support and care for me.
  • 4.10 As a child or young person unable to live with my immediate family, I can live with wider family members alongside my brothers and sisters if I want this and where it is possible and safe.
  • 4.17 If I am supported and cared for by a team or more than one organisation, this is well coordinated so that I experience consistency and continuity.
  • 4.18 I benefit from different organisations working together and sharing information about me promptly where appropriate, and I understand how my privacy and confidentiality are respected.

Illustrative links to How Good is Our School? quality indicators

The Pathway and Standards complement, the How Good is Our School? quality indicators, with this section providing illustrative links between this standard and the quality indicators.

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